Before the Snag by Robert Davidson

Before the Snag by Robert Davidson

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Silkscreen Print

53" x 40 3/4" Framed


Edition of 66

"I painted the Raven with the beak intact. I didn't realize this right away so I gave it this title to tell of the moment before the fisherman rips the beak from Raven with a fish hook to avenge the loss of the bait that Raven had been stealing and for the loss of the halibut.

In the top corner I have the fisherman rendered in ghost forms to place the viewer in the undersea realm watching the scene from the same perspective as the Raven and Halibut. I was thinking of their view of the human world and the undersea creatures viewing us from under water. Must appear equally complex to us looking at their world."

-Robert Davidson from Echoes of the Supernatural pg. 145

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