Margaret August's Divine Momentum

Margaret August is a Two-Spirit, Coast Salish artist from Shíshálh Nation, born in 1983 in traditional unceded Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories (Victoria, BC). Their work, often featuring beautiful, flowing forms, pastel colours, and symmetrical designs, furthers the concepts explored by renowned Coast Salish artists such as Susan Point and LessLIE. "Divine Momentum is inspired by a stone spindle whorl artifact. Spindle whorls were traditionally used for spinning fibres for the sole purpose of making textiles. This contemporary design symbolizes the revival of ancient Coast Salish practices and the continuation of our cultures." -Margaret August The spindle whorl is one of the most...

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Robert Davidson's Portrait of an Eagle Transforming

Portrait of an Eagle Transforming is a prime example of Robert Davidson's ultra-modern, abstract take on traditional Haida design forms. This print depicts an Eagle (Davidson's family crest) appearing to melt and transform into a human figure which encircles it. Davidson had this to say about his inspiration for and intention with the print: "I was invited to participate in the 1989 mask exhibition at the Inuit Gallery and had the large 'Salmon Mask', which I had decided to retain for the feast Every Year the Salmon Come Back and for the permanent regalia of the Rainbow Creek Dancers. The...

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Susan Point's Spirt of the Taku

Susan Point is among the most iconic contemporary Coast Salish artists, and is perhaps the single best-known Coast Salish printmaker. Her career began in 1981 when she began to teach herself Salish art, creating jewellery and small sculptures, and has since taken her around the globe for commissions, exhibitions, and awards -- but through it all, she has continually produced wonderful, high-quality limited edition prints. Native Art Prints is proud to offer a detailed archive of a large number of these prints, having been fortunate enough to collect as great many over the years.  One such print is Spirit of the Taku, a stunning modern...

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Robert Davidson Sea Ghost

Robert Davidson prints Sea Snag Supernatural Snag tcamaos Ttsaamus

Robert Davidson is now known for his modern, abstracted creations based on traditional Haida forms and myths. However, like most artists, he began his career learning the basics and building a body of knowledge. This print, Sea  Ghost, can be viewed as a transitional piece because it depicts a distinguishable figure but the mode of representation is minimalistic and modern. Robert hand-wrote a note on this print which reads "Sea Ghost is a mythological beast - we're mythological beings searching for self." Sea Ghost is not commonly depicted in Haida art, but it has some association with Sea Snag, or Tts'aamus....

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New Maynard Johnny Jr Pieces

coast salish design coast salish prints coast salish salmon four host nations salish prints

There are few Coast Salish printmakers working with traditional Coast Salish forms and shapes. In the Northwest Coast art market, there is a high demand for artworks based on formline design, as seen in the art within British Columbia's northern First Nations cultures. This demand can encourage artists from southern BC and Washington State to adopt a formline, formalised mode of production, even though Salish and Makah design is often fluid and abstracted. In general, Indigenous groups from the south of British Columbia and Washington State did not create totem poles and were not as strictly bound to crest-based social...

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