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Beau Dick Hamat'sa Prints

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These whimsical First Nations Kwakwaka'wakw prints by Master Artist Beau Dick represent Kwakwaka'wakw dancers. They were created in 1980. One print is titled 'Tanis' and the other 'Tani Gee'. The word 'Tanis' translates to 'Dancer'. The other print is titled 'Tanis Gee' which shows a dancer preparing and means 'Winter Dancer', a type of dancer integral to the Winter Hamat'sa Dances of the First Nations people from Vancouver Island. Each print measures 14" x 16" and is from an edition of 225. Each print is signed and long sold out. Beau Dick's many works include: masks, bowls, rattles, drums, original...

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Northwest Coast Indian Artists Guild Series 1977

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The 1977 Northwest Coast Indian Artists Guild Series was one of the first projects and publications on contemporary Northwest Coast design. Native Art Prints is constantly striving to attain prints from this series to pass on to our customers. Originally released at the Vancouver Art Gallery and promoted through a catalogue produced by the federal Canadian Indian Marketing Services, the guild graphics collection was generated and organized by the artists themselves.     The series included graphic artists such as Robert Davidson, Joe David, Gerry Marks, and Francis Williams who are now considered to be amongst the best designers of...

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