Natl by Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers is a celebrated Tsimshian artist known for his prints and carvings. While perhaps best known for his stunning works depicting the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Roy is also an adept designer of classic Northwest Coast formline as is on display in much of his early work from the 1970s. This print, Natl (Whales) from 1976, illustrates beautifully the general aesthetic of the time with its bold, purposeful red-and-black formline and traditional subject matter. Natl depicts two breaching Killerwhales within a large ovoid structure. Human figures nest within the Whales' fins and bodies, signifying ancestral connection.

Our copy of Natl is an Artist's Proof, meaning it was part of an extremely limited run of test copies printed by Roy before the full run. It is labelled III/VII and measures 13" x 20".

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