Ka-Ka-Win-Chealth II by Joe David

Ka-Ka-Win-Chealth II by Joe David

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Silkscreen Print

20 3/4" x 20 3/4"


Edition of 125


In 1969, Joe David received from his father’s family the name “Ka-Ka-Win-Chealth” (Supernatural White Wolf transforming into Killerwhale), in recognition of his commitment to carving and cultural participation. This print is second in a series of three created by Joe depicting the transformation between Wolf (red) and Whale (black).


"A young chief went porpoise hunting. He wanted to get several for his upcoming feast. He took with him a wise old companion. "Listen!" said his companion. "I hear some kind of animal near us" he said. They listened as the animal surfaced and dove around the boat. It turned out to be an orca. Suddenly, the canoe was surrounded by killerwhales. "I think these are supernatural whales because I am starting to feel faint" said the companion. They killerwhales began to move on and they paddled after them. They ended up in a land-locked basin, and the old man said "I believe they came here in order to become something else". The two hunters beached their canoe and, at the same time, the whales lined up along the beach and made their noises at the same time. Both men fainted, but the young chief landed in a cold stream which kept him semi-conscious. He was able to hear the orcas howl four times, like wolves. As the chief began to revive, he saw a white orca in the middle of the basin rise upright in the water, singing a spirit song. During this song, all of the whales on the shore turned into wolves. The white whale, Saiyatcopis, gave a cry, and the Sea Wolves ran into the woods. "What we have witnessed here has likely changed us" said the elder. "We shall remain here for four days, to bathe and reflect, and to protect those that we love...in case this event has changed us somehow."

-Killer Whale Into Wolf, as told by artist Tim Paul

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