Interwoven by Cori Savard

Interwoven by Cori Savard

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Silkscreen Print


26" x 22"

Edition of 76

"Inspired by the intricate beauty of Naaxiin, this print is a celebration of Maat (Mountain Goat). Our people have long recognized the value and quality of Maat’s wool, and have been weaving the finest regalia with it for centuries. By giving its wool, Maat weaves together the lives of the many people involved in the extensive process of creating Naaxiin regalia. Hunters, weavers, bark harvesters, formline artists and dancers alike. The intricacy of the weaving, accomplished by the formidable skill of the artist, pays the highest respect to Maat as great robes, aprons, leggings, headpieces and pouches adorn our people and come to life in sacred ceremony."

-Cori Savard

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