Phil Janze

Phil began working in metal at age 13, later graduated from B.C.I.T. and was invited to the jewellery program at Goldsmith's Hall in England. His many widely exhibited/published works include: silkscreen prints, carvings, totem poles, masks, and gold and silver repousse jewellery. Phil was recognized by the Canadian Jeweller's Challenge in 1982-84 for creating one of six finest pieces in Canada. He is the only Aboriginal artist to have accomplished this, to date. Phil also won top prize in jewellery making from the Indian Northern Affairs Canada Purchase Show in 1984. In 1989, he made a 34" round copper Sun mask using the repousse technique. This was the first large-scale repousse sculpture to ever be created in contemporary Native art. In 2012, Phil received the British Columbia Creative Achievement Award for his artistic contributions. He is represented in public and corporate collections in Canada, U.S.A., Europe and Japan, and is acknowledged as a master of Northwest Coast Art.