Turquoise Moon by Robert Davidson

Turquoise Moon by Robert Davidson

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Currently framed.

Silkscreen Print

18" x 18" (including frame)


Edition of 364


Davidson had a neighbour in Whonnock who was enamoured by the crescent moon and they would talk about its significance.

"I began to study the moon more closely and instinctively looked up when I was out at night. It was at a time when I was questioning my art and wondering if I was expressing anything. I realized that part of the human experience is communicating with the hands, which I do as an artist. I saw the hands which form the mouth as me expressing through my hands. So this design helped me to see myself, a form of self-portrait. I made several versions, partly because I liked the different colours as well as the phases of the moon, and the changing moods that mark my experience."

-Robert Davidson

Wyatt, Gary, and Robert Davidson. Echoes of the Supernatural: The Graphic Art of Robert Davidson. Figure 1 Publishing, 2022.

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