Steve Smith

Steve Smith Dla'kwagila has been carving and painting since 1987. He was taught by his father Harris Smith (Lalkawilas). He has also worked with his brother, Rod Smith. In 2002, Steve completed an 8-foot pole in collaboration with his father and brother, and they finished the pole at Lattimer Gallery. Steve's distinctive work has been featured in several major exhibitions throughout North America, and his work has been purchased by collectors around the world. In 2005, Steve was featured in the 'Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 2' exhibition that opened at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. In 2006, Steve created two public works for the City of Vancouver's 'Spirit Bears in the City' project. In 2007, his work was included in the Burke Museum's 'In the Spirit of Our Ancestors' exhibition, in Seattle. In 2008, Steve received two major commissions for works to be placed in the Vancouver International Airport. These monumental installations were completed in early 2010. In 2013, Steve and his brother were featured in an exhibition titled 'Collaboration & Contrast' at Vancouver's Lattimer Gallery.