Ḵ'aax̱ada Awg̱a (Shark) by Tyson Brown

Ḵ'aax̱ada Awg̱a (Shark) by Tyson Brown

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Silkscreen Print

27 1/2" x 22"


Edition of 95

"The title of this print is, "k'aaxada awga", which means "shark" in Haida. I've always been fascinated by sharks - they are beautiful and intimidating at the same time.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was thinking about our tendency to fear the things we don't understand. However, if we do take the time to understand these things, fear often transforms into respect. And respect is a much healthier emotion to carry around. Minimizing the fear in our lives allows us to evolve and grow more honestly and freely. If we have respect for the potentially dangerous things in our lives, instead of fear of them, we will be able to experience a richer version of life."

-Tyson Brown

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