Ah-Diss (Crane-Fog Maker) by Art Thompson

Ah-Diss (Crane-Fog Maker) by Art Thompson

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Silkscreen Print

21" x 20"

December 6, 1990

AP Edition of 15


Ah-Diss (Crane) had a strong desire to have fire like the humans. He took advantage of a village where most of the villagers were out either hunting or fishing. He would sneak into the village and take some hot coals form the fires and try to take them home. Of course they would get too hot before he got home and he would drop them, usually into the water. It’s from these repeated thefts that the air would form a mist over the waters. So when the colder weather sets in, you know that Ah-Diss is busy by all the fog that is in the air. There are many versions of this legend; this is only one that I have heard from my family.” 

–Art Thompson

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