Circles in Time V - VIII by Susan Point

Circles in Time V - VIII by Susan Point

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Set of Four Silkscreen Prints

8 3/4" x 8 3/4" each


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The spindle whorl is a disk which acted as a flywheel on the spinning device used for making wool yarn. Many spindle whorls, which could be oval, soft-squared or circular, had very complex designs on one or both sides. The circular spindle whorl format is representative of the circle of life. Many of the ancient spindle whorl motifs that originally inspired me to practice Coast Salish artistry were very graphic and, in some cases, geometric in nature. Although I initially started studying and drawing the old whorls with human and animal forms on them, I have always admired the ones with simple geometric and floral imagery.

-Susan Point

Croes, Dale, et al. Susan Point: Works on Paper. Figure 1 Publishing, 2014.

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