Coast Salish Legacy by Susan Point

Coast Salish Legacy by Susan Point

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Lithograph Print

January 1998

17 1/2" x 14 3/4"

Edition 3/45


I am very proud of my Coast Salish and was recently honoured when the White Rock Royal Canadian Mounted Police asked me to design a Coast Salish housepost to be carved by resident artists of the Semiahmoo tribe, another Salish village. Robert Davidson, one of the most renowned Haida artists, oversaw the project and assisted with the carving. This is a detail drawing of the top of the housepost I designed. The post represented a guardian figure with an eagle above his head. The wings of the eagle also form the man's hair.

-Susan Point

Croes, Dale, et al. Susan Point: Works on Paper. Figure 1 Publishing, 2014.

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