Eagle by Robert Davidson

Eagle by Robert Davidson

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With the death of Chief William Matthews at ninety-one years of age, on 4 February 1974, Oliver Adams inherited the title and position of chief of the Masset tribe, becoming Chief Galaa. Within two years he had accumulated the wealth and material goods required for giving a potlatch to validate that position in accordance with ancient Haida customs. He asked Robert Davidson to design an invitation card and also to make 500 silkscreen prints to give away at the feast.

Davidson was pleased and honoured to be able to contribute to the potlatch, and felt that because the new chief was of his moiety (Eagle) he should donate his time and work. However, his grandmother advised him that by tradition a person hired for a specific purpose must be paid.

Because Chief Oliver Adams was of the Eagle crest, having Frog and Beaver as sub-crests, Davidson's Eagle design incorporates a frog within the body and a beaver head in the tail. A two-colour rendition of the same design, with refinements, became the gift.

Stewart, Hilary. Robert Davidson: Haida Printmaker. Douglas & McIntyre, 1979.

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