Earth Quake by Tim Paul

Earth Quake by Tim Paul

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Silkscreen Print


20" x 26"

Edition of 80

Print has minor damage


According to Westcoast legend, a dwarf who dwelled within the mountains would entice the passerby to dance around a large wooden drum. The stranger would eventually stumble against the drum and succumb to a disease, "earthquake foot," which would cause the ground to tremble as he walked. Tim Paul was inspired to create this design after reading an ethnographic account of the Westcoast peoples and discussing the legends he found therein with Westcoast elders. Specific elements in the design derive from Paul's study of Westcoast ceremonial objects now housed in museums.

Hall, Edwin S., et al. Northwest Coast Indian Graphics: An Introduction to Silk Screen Prints. Douglas & McIntyre, 1981.

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