Hesquiat Sea Serpent Dancer by Tim Paul

Hesquiat Sea Serpent Dancer by Tim Paul

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Silkscreen Print


12 3/4" x 10"

Edition of 25


"Long ago, it was believed by our native people that the Sea Serpent was a supernatural creature who lived exclusively in the ocean. A long standing rule was that a mortal could not see a supernatural in its true form. Therefore, when the Sea Serpent sensed a mortal nearby, it changed into an island or a log. If the Sea Serpent thought a mortal had discovered its true identity, it would then sink the mortal’s canoe.

The Sea Serpent has been and contiues to be a leading figure in our culture, particularly in a ceremonial dance called the HinKeets. The Serpent was very revered and is integrated into the family crests of chiefs of the West Coast Native People’s nation."

-Muu Hap (Winona Rundquist, Sa-Cinn)


The Hinkeets (sea serpent) masks are among the most sacred items within Nuu-chah-nulth culture. Only chiefs or high-ranking families own them, and train their sons to dance them according to ancient protocols.

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