Llagaay Gwii Sdiihlda (To Restore Balance) by Ben Davidson

Llagaay Gwii Sdiihlda (To Restore Balance) by Ben Davidson

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Silkscreen Print

26" x 26"


Edition of 81

Llgaay Gwii Sdiihlda means to restore balance. According to my father-in-law, it applies when we are about to fall, but we manage to catch ourselves before we fall. I chose to name the print Llgaay Gwii Sdiihlda because I believe that even when we are in a state of uncertainty, we still have the ability to regain our balance. The print features an image of Sea Bear. Though there is not much information about him, I think of him as a protector of the ocean, which is symbolized by the blue. In Sea Bear’s mind, we can see the importance of finding balance in our lives. Sea Bear’s companion, Sea Ghost, can also be seen faintly in the waves in the background of this print. Sea Ghost represents our connections to our parents and our ancestors. In order to continue our journey forward, we must listen for the echoes of our ancestors who will help us restore balance in our lives.”

-Ben Davidson

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