Nits'iits'im-Simgan by Erica Davis

Nits'iits'im-Simgan by Erica Davis

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Silkscreen Print

15" x 22"


Edition of 150


Cedar trees, our ancient ones. We sit amongst our Ancestors when we are in their presence. I like to think of our cedar forests as our grandmothers standing tall and grounded. They are still and quiet, but they are strong. Just as we love, care, and protect our Nits'iits' (grandmother), we must also take good care to feed and nourish our Nits'iits'im-Simg̱an. Every living being is our family; every creature, every plant, every waterway that flows through these lands, and every spot of our Ts'eets'iks (the land; soil and rock) that has created our home. When our rivers are threatened, the ecosystems that our salmon rely upon, it threatens the very existence of all Mother Earth’s children. Spawning salmon keep our soils rich with nutrients, and feeds our Nits'iits'im-Simg̱an with an abundance of love so that she may continue to provide us with the necessary gifts that she generously shares with us. Just as we reciprocate the love and protection our aging grandparents gave us, we must begin to see the “grandmother in the cedars” that surround us and provide them with the deserving love and protection necessary for their survival.

 – Erica Davis

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