Odyssey (Silver) by Corey Moraes

Odyssey (Silver) by Corey Moraes

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Silkscreen Print

19" x 14 1/2"


Edition of 55

Also available in gold.

"Odyssey" explores the notion of life journeys. Though each path is different for all, our experiences share similarities when viewed through a human lens - deep down we are all the same. Cultures and belief systems are merely window dressing - the outermost of many layers that cover our bones.

Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey" tells of the long, arduous path for Odysseus, and for us, yet we all long for, and desire a greater calling - a higher purpose. "As we navigate our journey", Moraes says, "our chosen destination, our life experiences (both good and bad), determine our identity".

"How do we interpret our reflection? What do we see?", asks Corey. "Is it reality, or merely what we want to see?" The layers covering that which is the same in all of us; our bones; our foundation.

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