Race to Save His Wife by Vern Stephens

Race to Save His Wife by Vern Stephens

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30" x 22"


It has been said there was a man, Gunarah, in a seaside village who was the best at hunting and fishing. All the fathers wanted him to marry their daughters; but he went off to sea and returned with a wife who was the prettiest girl the villagers had ever seen. Over the years Gunarah cautioned his wife many times not to go near the waters edge. However, after some years she decided to wash a sea otter pelt in the water. As she was washing the otter pelt a Killerwhale suddenly rose from under the sea. He lifted her onto his dorsal fin and carried her away under the water, to live for the rest of her life. Gunarah was distraught, crying and calling from the seashore for many days and nights. On one of these days a Killerwhale passed by and heard his cries. The whale came closer and told Gunarah that he would help him find his wife. Together, they searched the bottom of the sea and finally found a gigantic copper house. They waited until all was quiet, before entering and rescuing Gunarah’s wife. And the good Killerwhale carried them both safely to shore on his dorsal fin. 

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