Sea Ghost by Robert Davidson
Sea Ghost by Robert Davidson

Sea Ghost by Robert Davidson

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12 3/4" x 11 1/4"

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Edition 138/343

With personal inscription by Robert Davidson:

"Sea Ghost a mythological beast
we're mythological being searching for self"

"I had started to learn more of our ancient narratives as told by Elders at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, and I was amazed. Funny that this subject [Sea Ghost] is a stand-alone, I have never designed another one. Sea Ghost is a humanoid figure with the curved beak of a bird that clings to the fur of the Sea Bear. It has long, flowing human hair. In the design the figure is twisted in profile so the arm could also be the prominent hump on its back.
I think that we are in the very early stages of bringing back the understanding of the supernatural beings. Terri-Lynn did an exhaustive study of the female supernatural beings, which she modelled in her book 'Out of Concealment'. I have to hand it to her, as she has broadened the vocabulary of the supernatural beings much more so than artists have done up until this time."
-Robert Davidson

Wyatt, Gary, and Robert Davidson. Echoes of the Supernatural: The Graphic Art of Robert Davidson. Figure 1 Publishing, 2022.

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