Sharing Knowledge by Alvin Child

Sharing Knowledge by Alvin Child

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Silkscreen Print

22" x 22"


Edition of 170

Sharing Knowledge is based on a drum painting by Alvin Child. It shows Raven at the top, and Frog at the bottom.

In Northwest coast art, Frog is usually depicted with a wide mouth and protruding tongue. In this design, Frog's tongue touches Raven's. What looks like an intimate interaction at first glance, symbolizes the sharing of knowledge and power, and the ability to communicate with different species. It suggests an interconnectedness between all living things.

Raven is one of the most important creatures in Northwest Coast mythology and art. He is a powerful, cultural focus and symbol in many communities and to First Nation peoples along the Northwest coast of North America; both as a crest figure, and as a guardian spirit.

Raven created the world. Raven put the stars, moon, and sun into the sky. He introduced the first men and women to each other and gave them fire and water. Raven put fish into the sea and food onto the land. He is a central character in Northwest Coast creationist stories.

Frog is a supernatural being which inhabits the human, as well as the spirit world. He is highly adaptable to his environment and able to communicate between the two realms. Frog is also a healer, and cleanser of bad spirits. In addition, he represents wealth, abundance, ancient wisdom, rebirth, and good luck.

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