Spirt of the Taku by Susan Point

Spirt of the Taku by Susan Point

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Silkscreen Print

30" x 29 1/2"

September 2004

Edition III/VIII


This is a very personal image, inspired by the many rafting trips that I have made to the Taku River with my family. Teeming with life, the Taku River flows from Alaska through to northern British Columbia.

I have had many spiritual experiences on the Taku, including an exceptionally close encounter with a grizzly bear and a chance to see what I call The Spirit of the Taku, a completely white bald eagle. The image draws on a traditional Salish weaving design, echoing the constant movement of the river. The design flows through the form of the eagle itself, drawing attention to the connections between the eagle and his environment. Within the wings of the eagle there are two salmon heads (traditionally often depicted in pairs for good luck). This image reminds us that we are all linked, both to our environment -- and to all the living creatures that share it.

-Susan Point

Croes, Dale, et al. Susan Point: Works on Paper. Figure 1 Publishing, 2014.

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