Swan Dance by Dylan Thomas

Swan Dance by Dylan Thomas

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Silkscreen Print

22" x 22"


Edition of 100

"While swans are fairly rare in Northwest Coast art, they have a rich symbolic history around the world. From folk tales such as 'The Ugly Duckling' to Tchaikovsky’s ballet, 'Swan Lake,' Swans aesthetic natural elegance make them a fantastic animal for artistic portrayal, and I’ve always been drawn to their flowing aesthetic form.

In this design, I was inspired by the swans’ hypnotic mating display where pairs of swans engage in a long and charming synchronized dance across the water. With stunning precision, the two birds mimic each other’s movement in graceful circles and figure-eights. I wanted to capture this movement by using the spindle whorls circular structure and employing rotated symmetry to capture their synchronized movements. Using four birds, I had each individual swan share its wing with the two beside, symbolizing the intimacy of the pairs."
- Dylan Thomas

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