Westcoast Rider by Roy Henry Vickers

Westcoast Rider by Roy Henry Vickers

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30" x 22"

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Motorcycles have been a part of my life since I was seventeen years old. I learned to ride on a Honda and then bought a BSA 250 single. After a number of falls with the Beeser, I heard that there was a new bike out. I went and looked at a 250 Yamaha DT1 and bought it. I then spent hundreds of hours in the bush and on logging roads and power-line access roads.

I progressed to the point of racing in cross-country events around British Columbia. The downside of racing is that you are quite likely to get hurt and I did. I then bought a Trials bike just to keep in touch with riding and the wide-open spaces that I love so much. I rode the back roads around Tofino with a backpacker's fishing rod for those times when I stopped beside a river or creek.

My riding life changed forever in 1995 with my involvement with Trev Deely Motorcycles and my first ride on a Harley-Davidson. I have since had two different bikes, and am looking forward to a new one this year which will involve some custom work and eagles.

I believe that the motorcycle rider in me is a fulfillment of the horseback rider. A Harley-Davidson is easier to keep and look after than a horse, and I can still experience the wide-open country that I love as a Westcoast Rider.

-Roy Henry Vickers, May 1998

Vickers, Roy Henry, and Iona Campagnolo. Copperman: The Art of Roy Henry Vickers. Eagle Dancer Enterprises, 2003.

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