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Dean Heron prints Native canoe print native wooden canoe


Native Art Prints has recently added two complimentary canoe prints by Kaska/Tlingit artist Dean Heron. Each print is priced at $60.00 CAD and both measure 6" x 22 1/2". One is titled Thunderbird Journey (rust and black) and the other is titled Journey Home (light blue and black). Canoes in Northwest Coast Native American art symbolize travel and change, as suggested through the titles of Dean's prints.


Dean Heron Native Wolf Print


Dean learned to paint from his artistic family. Both his birth and step fathers are painters and artists, as well as his sister. He is a member of the wolf clan of the Kaska/Tlingit Nation and finds painting "as a way to share ideas and stories and pass these on to the generations to come". Dean graduated from the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art, where he received training from Dempsey Bob and Stan Bevan. In the summer of 2007, Dean painted five longhouse fronts for the community of Kitselas, near Terrace. He mainly works in the Tlingit style, but most of his works carry a distinctly modern feel. In the summer of 2010, Dean created several pendants for Lattimer Gallery carved in red cedar and hand-painted. In 2013, Dean became an instructor at the Freda Diesing School.

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