Haida Artist Francis Williams

Francis Williams had the most distinctive style: fine lines and flowing designs, punctuated by sharp shapes and sharp angles. His jewelry, prints, and carvings are all very easy to identify due to this unique style.

He was one of the few Northwest Coast First Nations artists to record and document every design he created, and the University of British Columbia purchased all of his files upon his death in 2003. He was, and still is, an influential figure when considering modern Haida formline design.


The above print was one of Francis' first, and it exemplifies his penchant for playful composition and assertive linework. It is a "Dogfish" design, it is signed, and it is numbered 125/150. This piece is in its original frame, but will be shipped flat without the frame. Due to the fact that it has never been out of this frame, the areas of the print under the matte are likely discolored. There will be no refunds for this piece, regardless of the quality after the print is unframed.

Francis studied fine art and commercial art at Camosun College in Victoria, BC, and also received instruction from Art Adams of Masset. His influences originated from artwork within the Royal BC Museum and he exhibited widely in BC and Japan. One of his silver bracelets was featured in the Burke Museum's 2007 In the Spirit of the Ancestors exhibition.

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