Robert Davidson Sea Ghost

Robert Davidson prints Sea Snag Supernatural Snag tcamaos Ttsaamus

Robert Davidson is now known for his modern, abstracted creations based on traditional Haida forms and myths. However, like most artists, he began his career learning the basics and building a body of knowledge. This print, Sea  Ghost, can be viewed as a transitional piece because it depicts a distinguishable figure but the mode of representation is minimalistic and modern. Robert hand-wrote a note on this print which reads "Sea Ghost is a mythological beast - we're mythological beings searching for self." Sea Ghost is not commonly depicted in Haida art, but it has some association with Sea Snag, or Tts'aamus. Sea Snag represents responsibility and protection. It is a supernatural figure common within Haida culture associated with Sea Bear and Sea Wolf, symbols linked to the beginnings of the world and the formidableness of the ocean. Sea Snag is the personification of driftwood or deadheads. Regardless of the specific meaning of this figure, it foreshadows Robert's leaning towards the simplified and the concise.

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