Susan Point's Spirt of the Taku

Susan Point is among the most iconic contemporary Coast Salish artists, and is perhaps the single best-known Coast Salish printmaker. Her career began in 1981 when she began to teach herself Salish art, creating jewellery and small sculptures, and has since taken her around the globe for commissions, exhibitions, and awards -- but through it all, she has continually produced wonderful, high-quality limited edition prints. Native Art Prints is proud to offer a detailed archive of a large number of these prints, having been fortunate enough to collect as great many over the years. 

One such print is Spirit of the Taku, a stunning modern depiction of a legend deeply personal to Point. This is a silkscreen print produced in September, 2004, and measures 30" high by 29 1/2" wide. It is edition number III from an exceptionally limited run of VIII.

Susan had this to say about Spirit of the Taku:

This is a very personal image, inspired by the many rafting trips that I have made to the Taku River with my family. Teeming with life, the Taku River flows from Alaska through to northern British Columbia.

I have had many spiritual experiences on the Taku, including an exceptionally close encounter with a grizzly bear and a chance to see what I call The Spirit of the Taku, a completely white bald eagle. The image draws on a traditional Salish weaving design, echoing the constant movement of the river. The design flows through the form of the eagle itself, drawing attention to the connections between the eagle and his environment. Within the wings of the eagle there are two salmon heads (traditionally often depicted in pairs for good luck). This image reminds us that we are all linked, both to our environment -- and to all the living creatures that share it.

-Susan Point

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